Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is an award-winning aerospace and defense company that, for 60 years, has been working with suppliers to solve our clients’ most complex challenges.

At SNC, we take an entrepreneurial approach to meeting our customers’ needs by developing innovative technological solutions in a rapid and agile production environment in the areas of aerospace, defense and national security.

In order to do that, we look to suppliers with similar values:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Passion
  • Service
  • Tenacity

Become a Supplier

We’re excited to work with innovative companies and invite you to become an official supplier. Join us as we aim to bring innovation to the next frontier of technology.

Potential suppliers are subject to an evaluation process and must meet necessary Supplier Excellence Quality Program requirements to do business with SNC. SNC is always looking for suppliers in the areas of National Security and Defense, Space and Commercial Solutions.

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Supplier Quality

Supplier Quality

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has processes and policies in place to ensure high quality in our products and services while maintaining safety for our employees and suppliers.

SNC is a trusted leader in solving the world’s toughest challenges through advanced engineering technologies. We do that by surpassing the status quo to source the best systems and reliably beat timelines and budgets. Our suppliers must match our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, all while making sure safety standards are never compromised.

All suppliers must meet Supplier Quality Program requirements and will be scored against other competitors.

Supplier Diversity

We know that innovation can come from anywhere and some of the best ideas can come from small and diverse suppliers who are owned by:

  • Small Business Concerns
  • Disadvantaged Small Business Concerns
  • Women-Owned Small Business Concerns
  • HUBZone Small Business Concerns
  • Veteran-Owned Small Business Concerns
  • Service-Disable Veteran-Owned Concerns
Supplier Diversity


Aircraft Business Development Services Labels Swiss Turning
New Aircraft (Green) Information Technology (IT) Services Consumables Other CNC Screws
Used Aircraft Infrastructure Services PPE Tube Bending
Leased Aircraft Communication Services Packaging Wire EDM
Aircraft Other CyberSecurity Services Sheet Metal Punch Press
Aircraft Services Business Intelligence Base Material Other Riveting
Repair Station - Components / APU Repair / Maintenance Services Complex Assembly-Composite Shaft(s)
Repair Station - Engine Services Other Chassis Beveling
Repair Station - Airframe Commercial / COTS Software Structures Other Honing
FAA Services (DER, DAR, ODA, etc.) Software Custom Developed Cable & Wire Harnesses Gears
Aircraft Services Other Software Managed Services Circuit Card Assemblies (PWA/PCA/CCA) Splining
Aircraft Parts Software Other Printer Circuit Boards (PWB/PCB/CCB) Bushings
Aircraft Parts Manufacturer (Authorized) Elec Component Supplier-designed Electronics 3-Axis
Aircraft Parts Other Fans/Thermal Management Avionics 5-Axis
Pilot Services Filters LIDAR Machining Other
Airframe - Pc-12 Inductors/Coils Power Supply Fabrication - Special Processes
Airframe - Dornier 328 IC/Memory Cards/Modules Transmitters Additive Manufacturing
Airframe - KingAir 350 Relay Receivers Chemical Processing
Airframe - De Havlland-DASH-8 Fiber Optic/Optical Supplier-design Electronics Other Coatings
Airframe - Pzl-M28 Connector/Adpater/Socket Cable Assembly Heat Treat
Airframe - Twin Otter Wire Electronic Assemblies Other Fluid Distribution
Airframe - Cessna 208 Insulator/Insulating Matl Motors Material Testing
Airframe - A29 Electrodes/Terminals Complex Assembly Mechanical Non-Destructive Testing
Pilot Services Other Semiconductors Mechanical Other Non-Metallic Materials
Aircraft Other EEE Other Machining Processes Painting
Calibration Services Fasteners Milling Surface Enhancement
Engineering Services Adapters Lathe/Turning Welding
Kitting Services Bearings Drilling Sealants
Software Services Seal/O-rings Grinding Fabrication - Special Processes Other
Software Development & Deployment Services Hardware Other Boring Fabrication Other
Software Managed Services Adhesive Forging Trucks
Testing Services Coating Water Jet Cutting RVs
Quality Assurance / Inspection Services Gas Sheet Metal Test Equipment