Beware of recruitment phishing scams:  Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is aware that scammers have been posing as SNC employees and offering fraudulent employment opportunities. Other scammers have posted fake SNC jobs on other job boards and websites and then attempted to ask for money, fees, or bank information as part of the recruiting process. They may also send you a check to cash to pay for home equipment; this will bounce, and then the scammers know your bank account number.   

Please note that SNC uses its own internal Talent Acquisition Organization to fill employment needs, and we will never ask for your sensitive personal or financial information. If you are contacted over the phone or e-mailed by a company listing an SNC job and requesting your personal information or requesting payments as part of the recruiting process, allegedly on SNC's behalf, please do not respond. 

SNC has no responsibility for fraudulent offers and advises you to apply via the site to avoid fraudulent job ads.

What are some other signs of a job phishing scam? 

  • Sender may reach out to you unsolicited—you did not contact them first
  • Sender’s address ends in something other than “”
  • Email message addresses you generically, such as “Dear Sir/Madam”—your name is not noted
  • Message contains multiple typos and grammatical errors
  • Sender asks to conduct interview over an instant message app or chat connection
  • Sender’s message may include attachments to open or download
  • Sender requests that you provide sensitive information, such as date of birth, social security number, bank information, or credit card number early in the selection process

How can I verify if a job opportunity is legitimate if I suspect it may be fraudulent?

All SNC postings are listed on To avoid fraudulent job ads, you must apply on this site to be considered for an SNC position. If you believe you have been the victim of a fraudulent job offer concerning SNC, please contact us at with “Fraudulent Job Offer” in the subject line. We may request that you forward any suspect emails you received.